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    shared or reseller for this situation?

    Hi. I need some help. I am a web developer and I need to find a place for 6 sites (all belong to one company). I have already done a host quote and narrowed it down. Currently, the sites do not use much disk space or bandwidth but we are thinking of creating a library of signs and ads that could take up more space in the future; therefore, more diskspace than I listed below may be good. Here's the specs:

    - Monthly Fee = <$80 /mo for 6 sites
    - Setup Fee = $0-50
    - Disk Space = 50 MB or more (currently using ~7 MB per site)
    - Data Transfer = 1 GB or more (currently using ~300 MB per site)
    - Password Protected Directories or someway to protect some PDF files and Access database with client info
    - ASP (and ASP.NET would be great)
    - ASPMail Component
    - MS Access Databases – 1 for each site
    - 60 E-mail Accounts or more (10 for each domain: [email protected], [email protected], etc)
    - Web Based Email
    - Online Statistics
    - shared SSL certificate would be nice

    Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to: (phase 1 plan): 2 GB Disk Space, 30 GB bandwidth, $300 per year, no aspmail, no SSL (windows reseller package - medium): 2 GB Disk Space, 30 GB bandwidth, $349 per year, no aspmail, shared ssl (shared intermediate plan + 5 extra email accounts @ $5/mo each. [$26.95 + $25 per month]): 300 MB Disk Space, 15 GB bandwidth, $623.40 per year, aspmail, shared ssl, includes AdvantagePak (blog, calendar, polls, photo gallery, etc)

    Disadvantage of CrystalTech – not as much disk space
    Disadvantage of above reseller packages – no aspmail, no extras like the calendar (on windows hosting), no ssl (reseller-center), I have to learn to administer the sites

    Any opinions on which host I should go with? I never thought I'd want to do the reseller thing but it seems like a better deal than normal hosting.

    I really appreciate your time and help with this; to me this is a very important decision. Please let me know if any of my facts on these plans are incorrect.


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    Hello Kerri,

    I have heard good things about each of them, the world however, does not end there

    You can find a few more reputable hosts that can provide you with an even better deal. You just have to look hard enough

    Did you try Host Quote


    WHT Search

    Wish you best of luck.

    With regards,
    Mediopia Technologies, Inc - Call Toll Free (24 x 7): 1-877-807-HOST
    Windows and Linux Reseller and Shared Web Hosting Plans
    SiteStudio, ASP,, PHP, CGI, Coldfusion MX 6.1, Frontpage, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PgSQL ...

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    Hi kerri,

    Those are some solid choices. It's refreshing to see someone really do their homework.

    Good luck in your search.

    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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