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    What do you guys think of my new forum? Does everything look like its set up ok? Its my first real phpbb forum. The rest of my forums use invision.

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    You have interesting colors. All of the icons look great. One thing I would change is the white background behind the logo and change that to the color of the rest of the head.
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    Nothing to outstanding but overall not too bad.

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    i would agree with ./thename. You didn't break the form from the original forum layout. I am sure there are many forums out there asked for reviews. Some of their designs are really outstanding.

    Might be that is one good source to compare your hard work.

    Colour tone is good but nothing else to keep the visitor to view further.

    Hope this might help

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    I would suggest having another background to the website and stay away from overly bright colours.
    Other than that, best of luck.

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