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    400 per a day! need a fast and reliable PHP/MySQL coder

    Do you want to earn 400$ per a day???

    The person which I represent want you to develop a chatbot to run with his very HIGH-cost adult and non-adult programs.

    the bot need to be able to perform the folowing basic tasks:
    - connect to room(s)
    - send message to room and users
    - retrieve incomming messages/users online in rooms
    - be commanded from an external source (an external file wich operates the bot

    to make it generate money directly from start the folowing standalone program should be added to it:
    1. connect to room(s)
    2. remain idle for random 2-10 seconds
    3. send random message to room
    4. remain idle for random 60-240 seconds
    5. send random message to users log incomming replies for "study" purposes
    6. send random welcome message to new users
    7. remain idle for random 60-240 seconds
    8. send random message to users from 2nd DB
    9. go to next room or remain idle for random 60-240 seconds and restart loop

    So if you think you are able to develop such script please contact me using
    ICQ: 267491357,
    MSN messenger: domelty
    or mail me your proposals to the following address: [email protected]

    Best regards,

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    Is this to run on an IRC channel?

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