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    I have some exotic ccTLDs, that I might consider selling (one day)
    The usual question is... where to get an idea of a selling price?
    (especially for domains that are less often traded)
    Any idea, is welcomed for and

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    no ideas?

    No one has an idea??
    Then where could I find an estimate?
    (I know there are sedo, and different paid options, but at this point I am only looking for a rough estimate so to get an idea)


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    Well, considering that they're English language domain names for non-English language countries your audience will be severely limited. Basically they translate to "Real Estate-Belize" and "Real Estate-China", neither of which is likely to generate much interest outside of the respective countries.....

    Add to that the fact that both have the hyphen and your value plummets. At this point in time I doubt you could get reg fee for them.

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    Thank you for sharing your point of view.
    I still feel that they should be worth more than just a regular renewal rate. Because of the size of China... and also because -in my view- .bz is an open domain extension suitable for any country including the U.S... The hyphen is good for search engines BTW.
    Also english is a "universal" language, suitable for any market.
    Of course if peaple this is better, then... only future will tell

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