I will make a confession, here... I am currently running a server on Windows 2000 professional.

I am thinking of upgrading to Win2K Server, buts costly, and I don't know if it will make a difference.

The server is mainly a file server, running non-Microsoft FTP software.
So will my performace increase with w2k server? Is it worth the upgrade, and should I go all the way to Win2003?
The system is quite new and certainly powerful enough handle win2003 server.

I have experienced some speeds that I feel are slow, but its hard to really tell. I can certainly transfer at 120 kBps per connection. But getting to the 300 kBps or 500 kBps (which shouldn't be a problem) has not been possible on server software. (Downloads from IE, for example, reach 700 kBps). But it is very hard to test things at that speed, since few servers can even support those speeds for testing.

Keep in mind, all the software I use is proprietary, NOT IIS! So I don't have that software feature incentive to upgrade to Windows Server.

what do you think?