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    Question How to Discover Blacklisting?

    Hi there,

    First - thanks to all the "server heads" in these forums. I was able to avoid some of the pain I was headed into with my first dedicated server....and found a great solution (ThePlanet/AngelNetworkz)

    I've seen a lot of people mentioning getting IP addresses that are blacklisted.

    Can anyone help me out as to what I should do to avoid this? Where I should look to make sure I'm not getting blacklisted IPs?

    Thanks again everyone,


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    Don't spam, and you'll be fine.

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    Oops, what I meant was...

    Hi there,

    What I meant was starting out with IPs that were previously blacklisted.

    I don't spam myself - but I know people do pick up new servers that have blacklisted IPs. I wanted to make sure I avoid that (and can monitor it).

    Thanks again,

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    Check the RBL list websites, most (all?) of them have a method for checking if your IP block is in the database. for example.

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    realtime blackhole list

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    You can check a number of RBL databases from

    Thank you.
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    Thanks for clarifying windsor

    What a GREAT site dynamic - thanks.

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    497 is a great site for checking an IP against many different RBLs.

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