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    webhosting business partner


    We are looking for a partner to join in on our webhosting business. We currently have a up and running site, with a nice design, and a few customers.

    If you are interested in contributing (obviously profits will be split fairly), or want further details (site address, etc) please email me at <removed>

    JohnB: )

    <<CL Note: Email address removed by request>>
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    What kind of partner are you looking for John? An investor or just someone to share the responsibility with?

    Do you require some form of skill from your potential partner, or is it open to anyone?

    Finally what kind of hosting are we talking about: Reseller, Dedicated or other?

    Just asking for clarification

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    Thank you to everyone who has emailed me.
    A lot of offers so I now need to go through them all.

    Please do not send me any more offers from this point on unless you have already made contact with me.

    Those that have mailed before this and I have not replied, I am getting through them all as fast as possible!

    Thanks very much

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