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    Site review

    I only have the front page up, but I would like some feedback on the basic layout.

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    Not bad. A few suggestions:

    1. I'd make the title larger in your flash area. It just seems that there's a lot of wasted space...I think I'd make that font larger and see what that looks like.

    2. Grammar/spelling. There's a few errors I saw...maybe you're still working on that part... (testimonail, for example)

    3. Mixing of fonts. There's a few fonts that are times new roman looking versus the san serif font you used for the rest. I'm not a fan of the small bold text in your categories either, but maybe that's just me.

    Overall, nice clean layout.
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    I like it. Still needs a little work to complete it but it does look great.
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    I need to fix the fonts, that came from doing them at different times and accidentally mixing up my fonts in photoshop.

    Edit: Also once I get it up and running I am going to go back through and redo it using CSS completely.

    One more edit: How is the load time on your end for it?

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    Originally posted by Jhorra
    How is the load time on your end for it?
    Medium to Fast, and I'm on dial-up at the moment so that's pretty good.

    The site is coming along nicely J. I remember when it was just a flash header, and it's come a long way since then. Keep up the good work, and post an update when you finish.

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    I am also going to changed the font size and color of the header, but do you think it would look better with just the text, or a logo? The logo is two 3d H's attached to each other with a halo around the top. I'll try to post a picture.

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    a little like every other hosting site out there. Esp the thing along the left that has pictures of some compaq mid tower pc next to each plan. I really like the clouds thing tho. I'd take out the mobo image/animation bit. It screws up the purity of the top bit (which i really like).

    I like the top bit with the clouds. ... it's not annoying, but it adds a bit of catchiness to the site.
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    The design is great. Although like some have pointed out, the different fonts and sizes make it seem alittle unprofessional. Also, I dunno if anyone else noticed this, but the wording on the hosting plans seems alittle akward too. Other than that it looks great, especially the flash. Looks like 95% done. For the index page at least

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    I agree with what has been said so far so I looked for something else.

    1- Use rollovers for the top links (definately not required, just a personal preference).

    2- Soften the bevel use on the "More" buttons, or don't use the bevel - also, drop a close shadow on "More" and see what you think. And maybe try square instead of oval for the shape - it would fit with the theme better.

    Just opinions of course, and either way it looks good so far
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    Nice look.
    I would just make sure to put in the title tag and metatags on it.

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