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    Review of some budget servers...

    I am visiting this forum too much and having dedicated servers almost for years.

    Well my story with budget guys started with (do you remember their 99$ raq days)
    Then I changed lots of provider...
    Some of these stories are old so if they changed I donít know.

    Also i am not a host I donít have clients i just host my own sites that need 5 6 tb of bandwidth monthly. i wont talk about 4webspace ... as they are too old.


    Well years passed i was with them when they newly started

    Their support was very kind and always helpful. I had some special requests like limiting out of the server... Well if i had some more money i will go with them. Although i donít know they still have budget servers, they were very good. I d go with them if they are still good as those days.

    Ev1servers (i was with them when they are changing from rackshack to ev1 not that old)

    You feel you are really on big network. You may find a tech guy always... But donít forget one thing their support donít want to be deal with customers too much. I had a problem one time that can be solved they prefer just format and install. And also you must write all things step by step. Well their connection is best never see a downtime and always fast. They are good


    I was with them for a download site you can never push much. I had some downtimes. At the time I am living they added new lines i also tried it but I donít see much improve. If you donít have too much money and need bandwidth go with them.


    Crappiest service you may find thanks god they closed(they even do not say they closed and they try to charge me for months) Donít donít deal with that guy (graphical edge is their aim)

    Rapid Grid

    Another small provider they are kind good but small. You may go with them until you need big. They are good for under 4mbit.

    Burst Net

    I am with them through a reseller. Every time i need support i able to find a guy on aim never tried their tickets. They seem relatively good as i had big downtime last weeks. But if you need a server between FDC and ev1~dv2 go with them. Their speed seems to be good. (have 2 servers as of now)


    I have 4 servers as of now. They are good and CHEAP. Well if you are not in mission critical position go with them. Their support is slow they may accidentally format your hdd(they did and said they did not) but they are good.(you get what you pay). But i would definetaly go with them if i donít have much money and need bandwidth...


    I just got my small server from them(just for ad serving) Although i had a downtime the day after i got server they are good. Aaron is helpful. As i am new with them i cant comment more.

    Well there must be more company but i cant remember as of now i will add i if remember.

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    Wow, zagadka, the real zagadka is how did you manage to try all of these hosts. You must be older than the hosting industry. :-)
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    Awesome reviews coming from someone who has been around web hosting market more than a few times. Thanks for this post zagadka.
    A Collection of Web Hosts
    Small biographies on hosts, uptime reports and some reviews
    Feel free to add your review or add a host that isn't on the list.

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    Originally posted by Imago
    Wow, zagadka, the real zagadka is how did you manage to try all of these hosts. You must be older than the hosting industry. :-)
    Well i am not that old

    If i have time i will write the shared hosting guys (may be more than these

    And Watch for control panels (how can a newbie live with plesk cpanel much more))

    Thanks for kind comments.

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    Their support is slow they may accidentally format your hdd(they did and said they did not)
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    Yeah, that comment made me chuckle too...

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    I havent subscribe to Wholesaleinternet, but I must say their replies to enquiries real fast! A very good plus point for my next dedicated server in USA.

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    Edmonton, Canada
    ive got a machine with wholesaleinternet
    very very good service, go out of their (james and arron) way to help you
    ive called james a couple of times just to check things, and hes always more than helpful

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    Whats the speed from wholesaleinternet to Singapore? Anyway for me to test out? Shd be getting a backup DNS from them first. But their bandwidth allowance really overkill, would not even use 1%

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    Nice posting, at least we know now, where to go, thanks mate!

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    Wholesaleinternet is just great.

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    Wholesale is good although i had some downtimes last days

    But i still think number one is managed for pay/performance

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