The Nigerian scam has done something I haven't seen before... gotten into current events.
Dear sir,
With close enquiry we made about you shows that you are trust-
worthy so i felt safe .I am MRS HADJIA FATIMA the wife to
ALHMED SAMI K HASSAN the C.E.O Gulf link oil export company
ltd.Who was killed before the war starterd by president SADAM
HUSSEN for allegations that my husband supplied crude oil to
EUROPE,U.S.A and revealed secret information of IRAQ arms
before the war started.I am 100% sure that my husband is
innocent of all allegation but he was not given chance to clear
himself to the entire world before they killed him unjustly,i am
troubled and my spirit refuse to be at rest since then.The urgent
need for contacting you is because my husband has been killed and
i am sure if i don`t act fast some people might come and seize
our wealth amounted to ($5,000,000) five million dollars deposited
in U.A.E. However we reguire your urgent assistance for quick
transfer of the fund now that SADDAM HUSSEN has been cap-
as the fund has been deposited with a security company
in U.A.E as a valuable.I have conluded every necessary arrangement
for the smooth transfer of the fund to overseas for safe keeping
and good investment for the future of my children.I only need
honest,trustworthy and highly confidential person that can handle
this fund with an offer of 20% of the total money for his assis-
tance as well as 100% efforts to the transaction.I am looking
forward to receive good news from you.Best regards