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    Can't log in to FTP (jagugarPC)

    I just got my site activated this morning, but i can't log in to the ftp.

    they have a few default FTP accoutns which i've tried, and I've tried making my own but it won't log in to my account.

    They do log in but it takes me to

    any ideas?

    Also, I've installed osCommerce, and it said i had to put it in its own directory. so right now the store is at but i want it to be on the main page. how would i go about having it be on
    it wouldn't let me install it there, do i have to use a redirect?
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    Thats all you should need to login to your ftp. How can you make your own ftp when you cant login? If your having trouble you should contact support.

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    why don't you contact their support instead?
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    "I just got my site activated this morning"

    That is your problem.
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    Originally posted by nvphone
    "I just got my site activated this morning"

    That is your problem.
    More specifically, your domain hasn't propagated yet to their servers from your ISP. If you want to FTP in, try using the IP address for the site instead of ftp.yoursite.tld
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    the domain is up, i can see it if i type in the domain, i'm setting up my oscommerce right now. just the ftp doesn't seem to be working

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    For FTP questions you will need to get with their support.

    For osCommerce you can do add the following lines to your .htaccess file in the root to redirect, where directory-path points to your oscommerce index file

    DirectoryIndex ./directory-path/index.php

    If you do move the files to the root directory simply change
    the paths in

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    Try passive mode FTP. I believe JagPC changed the FTP daemon they use on their servers a few months ago ( from something slow to something fast), and several people posted in the JagPC forum that they needed to switch to passive mode to get it to work again.

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