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    Question OnWebUsa probs? What do you think I should do

    I am hosted by And today my account seemes to be suspended. However going to their site I notice also seems to be suspended. Since this is where their email goes I can not contact them. What should I do??? Whoising it seems they may be hosted by EV1Servers should I contact them or is it likely they will not be able to release any information about it??

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    Their site came up fine for me. except for some images not loading.

    Just a word of advice. When you see this " Unlimited MB Hosting + Unlimited Bandwidth" dont bother.

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    I do not posess a phone
    onwebusa.NET is ok. But onwebusa.COM isn't. The images are hosted on onwebusa.COM

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    bah you corrected yourself. ...

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    Could you call them for me and ask if they can access their email

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    Please anyone

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    Yes this is a bad mistake using a host that offers unlimited space and bandwidth. Most likely your host may be a reseller. Not sure but easy to find out if you do a search. I would definetly get a backup of your data as soon as possible. I hope you have one already on your computer. No one home just tried.

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    Many thanks.

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