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Thread: Dedicated IPs

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    Dedicated IPs

    What are the pros of hosting your site on a dedicated IP compared to being hosted on a shared IP?
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    With a dedicated ip you can run secure and also when your site is whoised it won't show 200 sites running on your ip.
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    In my case, I use enom to register domains. They require the IP of the server that will be sending the information. If you have your own IP, you can make sure that your server, and more specificaly your IP, is the only machine sending orders to your account.
    Just another security feature.

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    I think if you want to do webcam stuff then a dedicated IP is the way to go.

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    Dedicated Ip is mainly used for secured certificates so you can sell online in a secure environment. Most likely if you do not plan to do this just go with name based and you will be fine. Just really depends on what your website is all about.

    99.9% of our clients choose name based and only the business sites are using IP's

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