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Thread: Plesk 7 and DNS

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    Plesk 7 and DNS

    I know similar questions have been posted but not exactly what I'm looking for...

    The facts:
    I have a new server set up with Plesk 7.
    I'm using OpenSRS Managed DNS for my domains.
    Zone settings are set up through the Managed DNS interface.
    I've left the default DNS settings (or template) in Plesk 7 alone.

    The problem:
    The domains are resolving to my server but I get nothing when I browse to the site. I can browse the site with the IP address though. It appears to be a Plesk problem but I'm not sure what to do.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    post this at -- there a lot of plesk users that could help.

    I have been using plesk for some time, but I always use the plesk I am not sure what your solution would be.

    I would make sure that the plesk DNS replicates the external DNS you are using as well.

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    If you do offsite DNS try to switch your DNS off in the server settings.

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    Switch DNS zone to "Slave".
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    This will not work because the OpenSRS nameservers are not configured to allow his nameservers (if switched to slave) to pull the records

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    the ip you give for / in opensrs... is it the main ip of the machine or the ip of the virtual host in the htpd config for that domain?

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