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    Unhappy Problem transfer a DB from CPHosting to CPHosting

    i am transfer my hosting account from a cp hoster to another cp hoster. All is fine but the database i transfered
    does not work. In other words, on my old hoster i had a database called userids_xmb1 (userid is the userid of my hsoting account)
    Now, on the new host the userID is different as i have now: userid_xmb1 and now the Buletin Board gives me
    the following error: "cannot connetc to database"
    To transfer the database i have simple download the database from my old hoster, create then the phpbb borard
    on my new host and then upload the DB via Cpanel.
    Is there any way to let the database work or does the hosting provide assign me another userID to match the odl DB username?

    Thanks a lot

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    Well it kind of depends. Some of the time you can change the DB UID and password for something to have it move over from one DB to another.
    Is there an option in the admin panel to change the username?password?and DB name?
    What software are you using for the bulletin board?

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    I'm assuming CP is Cpanel. I would recommend you asking your new Cpanel host to change your username to your old one so that you can upload your backup again for the mysql DBs and other settings to be imported properly.

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    yes it is Cpanel hosting. I just sent an e-mail to ask him to change my UserID.

    Thanks a lot

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    ok my hoster has changed the userID. I have now create the board, upload the database (using backup feature from CPanel for both database and website) create the user and add them to the database. All seems fine but when i try to connect to the Board i recive the following error:
    phpBB : Critical Error

    Could not connect to the database

    I couldn't finde any error in the database...
    is there anything else i have to restore or are there permissions to set?

    Thanks a lot

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    Login to your Cpanel and check to make sure that the database is in fact there.
    After that, delete the user that is added to the database, if there is any user added to the database. Then create a new user and password and add it to the database. Then go into your phpBB config file and re-enter in the database information.

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    FeBox thank you! it works

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    Good, glad to hear.

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