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    Thumbs up Free Staff for your company !!

    Hello everyone.

    Ill go straight to the point. Currently, i pay someone to manage my servers. However, i'd very much want to pick up such skills too. Thus, im looking to work as a free staff in your server management company, PROVIDED you make it a point to depart your skills to me, and not get me to do all the manual work. If you are an individual, and need some help with your servers, i will gladly be of assistance then again provided you do guide me along.

    I am looking to be a server administrator for Linux only. Do not contact me with sales positions, etc. I cannot guarantee i will be online 24/7 to manage your server, and ONLY contact me if you need that extra bit of help but yet is willing to guide me along while i do the work for you. Do NOT contact me if you do not know server administration yourself.

    I have experience in stuff like kernel compilation, cpanel administration, etc etc.

    Please contact me through PMs in this forum if you are interested. Please pardon me for this short/messy post, as I have to go out urgently now. PM/post here if you have any questions.

    Thank you
    Shawn Ho
    Singapore Web Hosting Talk -
    Singapore Soccer -
    EMAIL - [email protected]

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    I run computer support forums including tech support, networking, and web hosting. I am looking for people who can help out by answering people's questions, and at the same time, post your own questions and receive help. (Basically stir conversation while learning and helping others at the same time.)

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    Hello csgal

    Thanks for the offer, but i'd much rather do a job that would be more targetted towards server administration, working under someone who does server administration.

    Shawn Ho
    Singapore Web Hosting Talk -
    Singapore Soccer -
    EMAIL - [email protected]

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