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    offer private label submission/optimization tools

    We are looking for companies that are interested in offering private label submission and optimization tools. We have two different programes available; both are completely private label meaning that they operate from your domains and there is no mention to our company anywhere. They are also completely customizable so they can match your website logos etc. You also collect all payments directly from your customers from your own merchant account or paypal.

    1.) The first is an web based submission/optimization system. This is a subscription based system and is a great way for you to add residual revenue.
    For a sample of the tools this system has to offer feel free to sign up for a trial at:

    2.) The second system is downloadable submission/optimization software. Once again this can be completely branded under your company name.
    Feel free to download the demo and look at the feature list at:

    For more information feel free to contact me by email
    [email protected]*com

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    I am interested...although my company is yet to start off...most probably within a month we will start off....But I would like to start offering this features right from the beginning...

    please email or pm me all the details

    Thanks and Regards

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    How much would this cost?
    John Heslop

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    yes, how much would this cost?
    CEO Pixabit, Inc.

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    Pricing varies on the number of existing client base for the web based solution. For the software version we simply ask that you own a copy of the software.

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    Looks great! I requested more info. Thanks

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    please contact me

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    But that was 3 years ago, have they changed? Or have they not?
    John Heslop

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    fergal - If you are having trouble marketing the software perhaps you should contact us so we can provide you with some tips. We would be more than happy to show you what has been effective for our other dealers.

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    i have contacted them over last few years,they have answered and quite promptly too ,just the designers told me of various problems customising reseller site with software and after 3 years im no better off, thats with the tips as well


    but ive used the product and i have to tell you its fantastic for what it does

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    fergal - I am not sure what issues you have had in the past or what the "designers" told you, but we have many dealers who are doing very well for them selves making a living just from selling our software. Feel free to contact me directly so I can help.


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