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    Raq4 - installing PCI video card

    Has anyone tried putting a PCI video card into the PCI slot of a Raq4?

    If so please share your experiences...

    This would be useful in installing Smoothwall or some other form of Linux on a Raq4, but limited I guess as you still can't jack in a keyboard...

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    I doubt there would even be support for a graphics card.
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    I have seen this done, actually it was on a Qube3 (not much differance) and it was to run an LCD panel to show virtual fireplace!!!

    The Raq's & Qube's have zero/none/zip/squat/no drivers for X apps installed on them, why would they when they are headless devices!! so if you want to do this you have to install all of this yourself and the dependancies list is huge. So yes it can be done but your almost better off installing another linux distro from scratch as it would be easier.


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