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    Need Custom Logo/ Cartoon Style

    I am looking for a custom logo, no colored line art please.
    This is for the Freckle Face site as it needs a design that is more inline with the name than what is currently on the site. I will provide the colors that I want used in the logo and need it to be a transparent gif as I do not own photoshop, but the logo will be used primarily on a white background.
    I want the logo to be silly and fun but still present a business feel about it.
    If you are interested please state your qualifications for the job and price range for the work. Would like the work to be done within a week. Would hope to see some work in portfolio similar to what I am asking for in the cartoon illustration area. If you are also a php coder that is even better as the will be the next job that is hired out to go with the logo.
    Freckle Face

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    Sure, no problem!


    We can definitely help you on this one.

    1. Our samples . Note: is owned by Castlemelody.

    2. Price is $70. You can order from our main page. Just click on the Ikobo buy now, button. You can also use our Paysystems order links which can be found here.

    We offer 30-day full-refund guarantee. No questions asked. The conceptualization of this logo will be done next week since it is holiday on our end.

    Take care. Feel free to order.

    P.S. And by the way, we can also do some PHP.
    I help entrepreneurs develop online branding. I value my clients and build relationships. I am a friend.
    Let me assist you with your website design, logo design and other graphics needs.
    Ganah Solutions, a brand creation agency. Solidify your brand. Connect your business.

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    Hello here is some samples of the logos i did at last time.


    Look at this pic and let me know if its silly enough:


    My full gallery:


    I have to leave for a bussines travel but i came back at monday, let me know if its right time for you.

    My quote: 120 US$, 20 Upfront.

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    I just wanted to add that I will be making a decision Sunday evening and hiring the project out on Monday so I won't let anyone know who I pick until then. But the job will officially be closed for offers Sunday April 11, 2004 at 8pm EST
    Freckle Face

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    is this the sought of thing u are looking for....

    price: $70 fully vectored .eps and .gif file
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