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    * Advertisment for our sites

    Except for webhosting my company also has plans to publish a couple of websites.

    Now do you have any thoughts about cheap (I mean really cheap) methods of spreading the word?

    We are thinking of using some kind of search engine registration service. Do you know any that is very cheap and covers all the major search engines?

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    You find a lot of CPANEL software has the ability to submit your sites to search engines, and i believe that when you submit them, the search engines send emails out to the email you used to do it with. They show all sorts of special offers, etc.

    Its also a good idea if your new to perhaps get your adverts on some smaller sites too, say ones your friends own and won't mind sticking their add on. Depending on the nature of the other sites you are running, you can also do banner swaps. Personaly, i don't do banner swaps with my hosting companies site, i think it makes it messy and untidy.
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    I don't use cpanel, I more a console kinda guy =)

    Perhaps someone else can reccomend a very cheap but good search engine registration service?

    For the advertisement I have to reach out for a bit more visitors than a banner trade with a friend, but thanks for the tip! My budget would be about $150 per month to spend on advertisement, wich isn't very much.

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    You can submit your site to searchengines/directories for free. (Don't forget your local search sites).

    $150 a month... google adwords would give you good bang for your limited buck.

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    I'm right behind you.
    Depends on the web sites, there are some cool marketing ideas which include co branding, think in terms of partnership, link exchange, write articles and publish them on newletters, those usually reach a lot of audience and you can actually get some money for doing that..
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    Re: Advertisment for our sites

    Giving out free hosting to web sites that do not use up a lot of system resources is a cheap solution. Just ask them for a "Hosted by ..." link at the bottom of every page and with this strategy you can also rank higher on google depending on the anchor link text that you choose.
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    I'll problably try adwords, seems pretty promising? Anyone that tried it and can comment it?
    Free hosting, yeah thats an idea to. The problem is that we need a high ammount of visitors pretty quick. Any other ways that are similar to google adwords?

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