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    Need Help & Recommendations...

    I pretty much just need something that will allow me to make a website, store videos/files (not porn) on it and allow people to download them.

    I know I will be needing a lot of bandwidth for this, around 30GB+ monthly and at least 1.5GB storage space.

    Any recommendations are greatly appreciated, please let me know why it would be a good choice and if you have had any personal experience with the recommended company.

    Thank you.

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    What kind of budget do you have?

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    One feature I would point you to would be the Host Quote
    ....also what sort of other options are you looking for?

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    Which platform and which country do you want to host it?
    What are few main hosting requirements that you are looking for in a host besides disk space and bandwidth? While you certainly need a lot of bandwidth for web users to download, but you also need the proper tools to help your manage the site effiortlessly.

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    My host gives 45gb transfer and 1gig space, give them a try

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    The best way to find a reliable host is to search these forums. Dont fall for the unlimited space and bandwidth and to make sure you call them on the phone to get a feel for who you will be dealing with. Also test the support system. send in a support ticket,support email and see how fast they respond. Do this multiple times to make sure you get an accurate report. Do your research and I am sure you will find a reliable hard working hosting comapany.

    Good luck!!

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    check out the reseller plans offered by , they have extremely high bandwidth plans

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    21,913 might be of some help too... just be very careful and use common sense when reading hosting reviews. Do a search for each company you consider on these forums and see what people say about them here:

    Good luck!

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    I am definitely a rookie, but I got cued in to through this forum. I have been using them for acouple of months now and there uptime and customer service has been excellent. Check out their plans.


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