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    Post Logo contest, Winner gets free domainname

    Hi all

    I just started a computer business here in the Netherlands..
    Now I want a logo and I'm not very good with Photoshop..
    So that's why I have this contest..

    Please make a logo for me and if there is a logo I like, you will get a free domain for 1 year from me.
    You can choose from .com / .net / .org / .us / .biz / .info
    You can forward your domain to your own webspace or I can give you a 10mb hosting with email with it..

    Some rules:
    The logo must have "Mit Power" in it and I have the right to do not choose a logo from the logo's you send to me..

    Please post your result here below in JPG or PNG..

    If I choose your logo, I want the PSD file after this contest so no JPG..

    For any questions, mail me here: micky-m[@]
    (leave the [ and ] away, that's for spam reasons)



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    Got a question, which registrar will you be registering the domain with, after domain is registered will the winner receive full access to the domain? and why not just pay the winner the amount it will cost to purchase the domain.

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    The winner will get full domain access
    And the winner can also get the domain money yes..
    That's also possible... I normaly register my domains @

    EDIT: I know that a lot of contests died here, but I don't have a logo yet..
    So you can absolutly thrust me I will answer here and if there is a logo I like, I will give you what I promised

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    it also may help if you describe what you want in more detail or post some links to logos that you like so we can get an idea of where to start.

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    Well, I want the text Mit Power in it and the rest is not so important.. Maybe it's a good idea to do something with the word Power..
    I like the colors baby blue and red.. But you don't have to use that colors. I would like a size of 580 x 140
    Don't have to be exactly that size but it must be high quality

    And sorry Flawless, you're right, there was to less information

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    Do you have a site up, that we can see for reference to match the style?

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    Not yet.. I'm going to make the website with the colors from the logo
    So you can do everything with the logo

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    Ok, so we have the name, but we have no idea what image you are trying to create for your company or any target audience. I think that would help quite a bit.

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    It's a computer business and what image...Well.. Don't know about that.. I don't have further wishes..

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    Ik probeer wel wat te maken! / I'll try to make something

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    THanks, can't wait to see the first logo's

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    I can try and make something too. If you have AIM or MSN, it would help to allow me to create YOUR logo


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    See my signature
    But I'm going offline now.. I'm sunday online again


    just thought it would be nice to have a white background..
    I'm also planning to use this logo on the letters I'm gonna send to my clients..

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    If you dont find what you are looking for here, you can try this forum:
    They are pretty good, and always like a contest

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    something simple:


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    @ Ericnmu: I'm gonna post there, thanks

    @ gRiz: I like your logos thanks

    Just waiting for new replies

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    here's my submission. It's made using 100% adobe photoshop shapes and gradients (exept for the text, font included) meaning it is scaleable to all resolutions without any quality loss. simple yet effective this logo sports both a lightning bolt and the power symbol used on many pc's effectively reflecting the word "power".

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    Also, All colours are completly editable without quality loss or jaged edges.

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    Nice submission

    I hope I can choose my logo in 5 days..
    So you've got till 16april untill I finish this contest...

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    I think not all the ppl need a domainname lol
    So now the winner can choose to get $10,- or a domainname with hosting

    @ the moderator, can you change my topictitel please? thanks

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    *Updated thread title by thread starter request*
    Now available in regular and dehyphenated.
    May 2003 Member of the Month
    Useless Community Liason Ever Since.

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    Hi all...
    I want to finish this contest in a few days cause I really need a logo..
    So please make some last logos



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    Maybe THIS is the reason why threads stops...
    To less ppl posting... Cause I still need a logo and there are no replies since 17-04...More then a month now..

    But I still need a logo, so if you have something, post it please

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    I posted a while ago, but I guess my sample wasn't the type of logo you are looking for. I'm not interested in entering anymore logos into the contest but if you like you can contact me and we can work something out. Contact details in profile.

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