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Thread: Paintball Guns.

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    Paintball Guns.

    Someone on a local forum is posting a paintball gun. I have a feeling it's a really good deal. Should I buy it and resell on ebay/the paper?

    "Here's what I have for sale:

    - PMI Tracer Marker, adjustable velocity w/200 Round hopper
    - 12 Oz Co2 tank
    - 2 different sets of goggles, one standard, the other with a hard frame with wider lens for better peripheral vision on the field.

    Marker is in working order, but tank needs a refill. Asking $60 for the whole shebang. Serious offers only."

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    Sounds like a deal. I don't follow paintball closely though.. compare that marker with similar ones selling on eBay to see if it's really a decent price.

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    I'd take it, I bought my Tipmann for about 190 and the rest of the gear I needed for $$$$.

    Go and look at it, if its good buy it. (Ask them if you can shoot it.)

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    I've personally never heard of that marker.. but reviews can be found a

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    Heres the review in case you need it...
    Seems like a good deal.
    Just the CO2 itself is like around $30

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    make sure they have feedback...

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    He was planning to sell it on eBay, not buy it on eBay.

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    there are many other feedback systems such as heatware, beerology.

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