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Thread: Good Deal?

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    Good Deal?

    I've been in need of a laptop for quite some time now. Its been a real pain to try working on websites for my clients from my computer at my office, at home, and on campus, since I dont always have the same software, and have to always upload/download the files etc. And whenever I go home to visit my parents, If i want to get some work done, I need to haul my desktop home, and even then, I might not set it up because it's too much of a hassle.

    Well, I finally decided to sell off some computer stuff so I could buy a laptop, and when I started asking around, I found out a friend of mine was trying to sell his high end gaming laptop, but wasnt finding a buyer. Well, he said that he has better luck selling misc computer parts, so we decided to trade.

    I'm trading my Athlon XP 1900+ system, my 19" monitor, and my Matrox G200MMS Quad output vid card, along with $100 for his laptop.

    Here is the list of stuff I was selling, it contains the description of my system:

    And this is the laptop I'm getting:

    What do you folks think, is this a pretty good deal?

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    Pretty nice laptop. I just picked up a Dell Latitude D600 this weekend and love the upgrade it gave me. This business definately justifies and almost requires you to be mobile these days.

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