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    TOS Copy/Paste..

    Just wondering if its at all wrong to copy and paste (and alter) someone else's Terms of Service, etc. I know these are normally written by lawyers, but is there anything wrong with copy and pasting someone else's and tweaking #'s accordingly? Thanks!

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    If you ask them then it sohuld be fine. If you don't then yes its a bad idea. Anyway it's betetr to have your own TOS so you know exactly what's in it.
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    I best thing to go to is your service provider, they set the TOS so it would make sense to use there TOS other than copying someone elses which has totally different TOS.
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    If you are looking for one, you can use mine.

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    Don't Copy And Paste, but Make sure to include all those of your service providor, and then include your own points. I know many people do searches to make sure the company is legit and dont copy/paste their terms.
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    It's a good idea to use your hosting company / data center 's terms of service and acceptable use policy. Most will recommend you do so. Your hostees are your responsibility, and you, are your hosting company's responsibility.

    It's better if everyone is on the same page.

    For instance... If your datacenter forbids IRC networks, but you don't in your TOS, and your hostee puts up an IRC server, you could easily get shut down.

    As for taking a third party's TOS... that's wrong.

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