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    Get Tipsy

    started this site for a few reasons... one being that i have a ton of friends who are lushes and are always looking for new drinks to try.. and two because the hip hop sont is really hot now.... "everybody in the club get tipsy"

    im trying to add at least 20 drinks a day and hoping that some people will join the site as well and add their own unique drinks...

    so whatcha think? None of the cool kids are doing it.

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    Interesting website.

    The design gets to the point, and it looks alright.

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    The black and blue doesn't really work for me, but as Pat H says, your site gets the job done.

    I'd suggest some photos of the finished drink for some more visual interest. Right now, the whole site is text (except for the banners).

    You may also want to consider some how-to write ups on related topics.
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