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    Large server lease for transfer!

    This is an incredible opportunity to either expand your web-hosting/gaming/internet business using a very high amount of capital/monetary leverage! Since I have gotten out of the hosting business recently, I am looking to transfer my lease of 18 (1 UNIT) servers, each with a P4 3.0Ghz (800mhz FSB), 1GB PC3200 DDR RAM, 120GB (8MB CACHE, 7200 RPM, Special Edition) SERIAL ATA HARD DRIVE, in very high-quality 1 Unit aluminum cases. These top of the line servers can be continued on their current lease for just under $900/month for all servers! At the end of the lease period, the servers are yours to own.

    There are many big advantages to this:
    1. The cash savings over buying the same equipment straight away.
    2. This is a great tax advantage, as you get to write off every single monthly payment (please contact your accountant regarding this).
    3. You get to take advantage of depreciation since the equipment will become yours to own (please contact your accountant regarding this).
    4. On top of all of this, you can sell the servers at the end of the lease, and recover a lot of the money you spent over the term of the lease.
    Important Note: Please keep in mind, that I have already paid all the initial fees, security deposit (first/last month), along with some monthly payments, which adds up to many thousands of dollars in existing equity.

    For anybody who knows how hard it is to buy this type of equipment up-front, they know that this deal is an excellent opportunity for companies looking to expand, or even startup their business with very affordable monthly payments. I also have a source to get Cpanel control panel licenses at about half price, which will be passed onto the person/company that takes over the lease. Please contact me with further questions/comments, etc. at my email address: [email protected]. I would like to choose the person/company to transfer to before next Friday (April 16th). Thanks for your interest!

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    How long is the remaining lease? Where are the servers currently located at and are they tied to a paticuliar data center or can they be transferred to the center of my choice?
    What is the buyout on the lease?

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    ianaa (accountant), but:

    if it is an $1 lease, you can not write off the payments.
    if it is a fair market value (fmv) lease, you will usually pay 10% at the end (not 'own' per se).

    external cpanel licenses have a fixed minimum cost.

    with that said, if you are willing to take a hit on payments, we can talk.

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    Who holds the paper? The rate/terms?

    How long left on the lease?

    What brand servers?

    I'm assuming at $50/month per server this is a 24 month, how long is left in it?

    You mentioned that at end of term they are "yours to own" - is this $1 buyout?


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