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    Free Reseller Control Panel

    Are there any free and/or open source control panels similar to Plesk, cPanel, and/or H-Sphere?

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    webmin is free not sure about directadmin.
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    directadmin is surely not free!!!

    But its a very good control panel!!

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    Originally posted by vaanie
    directadmin is surely not free!!!

    But its a very good control panel!!
    I have had some experience with directadmin and personally did not like it. I also here there are some huge security problems with it.

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    Is webmin good?
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    I have used it and it isn't bad. Very powerful but a little clunky - but for free you can't really beat it. Plus they have Usermin and Virtualmin too.

    *EDIT* I wanted to say that I currently use CPanel and am very happy with it. But if I needed to cut costs then I would give Webmin a serious look.

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    Webmin is more for system administration, rather than using as a control panel for customers.

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    there are some at too
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