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    How to become a Online RPG game company in US? like FFXI

    I will have a dealership for a RPG online game, like FFXI.
    How to doing those kinds bussiness in US?

    just Dedicated servers
    install the game server softwar in the servers
    build a website about this game
    people who intereste in , and register game ID
    then we charge member monthly fee?

    need to apply a game license?

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    One hour and you're making a fit? If you are going to run a business you need to register with the state and get a TaxID. Incorporations seem to be the best whether they are C-Corp; S-Corp or LLC.
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    1a. Create a unique game idea
    1b. Write a business plan
    2. Get a large investment this isn't free possibly multi-million dollar
    3. Hire a qualified staff
    4. Begin work on project and hope everything runs smoothly.
    5. After finishing project invest in large marketing campaign.
    6. Suceed or fail miserably.
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    Originally posted by Yong
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    Basically get a company license, write up a VERY detailed game design document (Some templates can be found at , in their article section); then find some programmers on, or other game designer hang outs.

    Thats pretty much it, if you're one of the 1% who actually makes it to release - you'll know what to do from there.

    Word of advice: (People are going to hate me for this, but I have to say it) - DO NOT go to a "game design college" - these are scams and major rip offs; you can learn everything needed to create a game on your own - only go if you want to join one of the bigger companies like ID Soft (Even then, they more than likely frown on these degrees - they rather see raw talent and dedication, and a real degree).

    Basically: If someone tells you, you need "Millions of dollars" - ignore them... You really don't, you just need good planning, dedication, good leadership skills, and some kind of talent to contribute to your team; if you make it big, you can either publish the game yourself or get a big publisher (I highly advise against this - it may be hard at first to start your game without a publisher, but its worth it since you're not locked in a contract) which will provide a server, payroll (Possibly), advertising, etc. - at a large cut of the profits. (I’m talking anywhere from 50 to 90%, and the payrolls aren’t that great either… Infogrames was looking at a game I was creating, about a year back – they were looking for a new “sim game”, and we were one of about 8 different games that they were deciding on; needless to say, we weren’t picked – so just be warned, that even if you do decide to get a publisher – they may not want to publish you.)

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