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    Thumbs up datacities:) first experiences

    Signed up 9.55 pm for the reseller.
    chat on the livechat
    10:35 open a ticket for transfering my site.
    10:41 ticket updated by datacities.
    they are 5stars so far.)

    server dual xeon 2.8 very fast.
    actually see 4 cpus hyperthreading nice
    2gb ram
    lpanel is cool.

    checkthem again they are online again.
    man thse guys dont sleep

    will update the post!

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    Yeah, they are quite awesome! ^_^

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    Jun 2003
    Brooklyn Dodgers
    well spring break and holidays sorry

    Up and running
    American muscle the planet
    this server is damn good and technical service superior
    I really liked them

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    I do not lurk here very often because im working on the servers tweaking and making sure all is well
    Thank you for your support and the comment.

    Frank C.
    Sr. Systems Engineer
    Datacities, Inc

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