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    Exclamation Tech News :: The "city car" of the future; it's cleaner, its got the moves & 3 wheels

    Article extract >>

    A revolutionary tilting three-wheeled car just one metre wide is being developed by a team of European scientists.

    The vehicle, designed to be driven in cities, aims to combine the safety of a car with the manoeuvrability of a motorbike.

    With a top speed of 50mph, it will cost about 6,500 to buy if it goes into production and be more fuel-efficient and less polluting than other vehicles.

    The Clever (Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport) vehicle is a 1.5m collaborative project involving nine European countries.

    Funded by the European Union, the project began in December 2002 and a prototype of the car is expected to be built by December 2005.

    The vehicle is fully enclosed in a metal framework with a roof as high as conventional cars, and the room to carry one passenger, who sits behind the driver.

    End extract <<

    For more info ::,00.html

    Don't look too shabby, looks a bit like a morphed bubble car from the 60s.

    Can't be much leg room though but then it is only a picture.

    I can see it now, millions of the little things buzzing around London or in gridlock; this could be a window into our future.

    I'm sure it will have its market but big and medium sized cars will still exist.

    Opinions?? Comments??

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    I don't think it will do much difference... what about familes with 3 kids? I plan to have 3 kids and that car certaintly wouldn't suit me. Besides I would rather have someone to talk to next to me rather than the back of me.
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    hmmm it would be good for commuting to work...
    I dont think it will be a big hit tho...
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    It isn't shiney.

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