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    Communities: Server spec.?

    Hey all,

    I'm wondering... My poor old server is totally overwhelemed by the communities it hosts:
    I wouldn't dare advertising or even adding any external link to y-f/ because then I instantaneously get close to 200 users online, is another problem: it's a free board host. It sometimes has as many as 2,000 users connected simultaneously. Let's generally consider 1,000 users...

    All this runs on a P4 Celeron 1.7 GHz with 1 GB memory and an IDE HD!
    Yup, that's me. I'm cheap.

    What would you recommend I move these two guys to?

    - Dual Xeon or P4 3 GHz with hyperthreading?
    - How much memory? Would 2 GB be sufficient?
    - Can I reasonably use IDE drives?

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    I would consider 10K and 15K rpm drives. with 10K rpm drives, you can get away with SATA, however anything higher, you will need SCSI. As for RAID, I would also recommend RAID5 or RAID 1+0.
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    if budget allows, i would go with a dual opteron from gnax and maybe another gig of ram added in, its pricy but would allow for expansion. Another option is a dual server setup, and maybe drop images off apache and use something like thttpd to serve images.

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    I run a 90M page views/mo community site like this:

    2 cheap xeons with mini IDEs (doesnt need HDs)
    Xeon with 2x10k SCSI and 4 GB RAM (the more RAM the better) as DB
    Slave DB Server (SCSI again, 2GB)

    ===> put web and DB on different servers, use SCSI and as much RAM as possible for the DB, if you have many pics to serve add an other picserver

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    I'd do a Dual Xeon... couple Gigs of RAM and SCSI Drives. You want to make sure you get good performance that can handle you now and last you for awhile.

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