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    Looking for gameserver...

    Looking to get a gameserver hosted. Would like it to be in Dallas, it will be a counter-strike server. $30/month and below...paypal
    plz mail me at carlo.g.lopez[at] or PM would be fine

    Might not be able to reply to all emails/pm's but i'll make sure to check all of them.


    PS. Sorry admins not sure whre to post, the requests are for website hosting only.

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    I don't think there are many game server hosts out there!
    If you fine one, let me know!

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    Theres plenty but the fact is a lot of them suck.
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    GD is pretty leet

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    Originally posted by ericnmu
    GD is pretty leet

    lol, prices are pretty leet aswell. I would not pay a company $150/month just to host a game when there are others that can give it to me for $40 and below with comparable latencies and services

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    Yeah, there are a lot. GD Chi is still the fastest for me.
    I've been playing CS since beta 5. Once I made it to CAL-I, server sponsers were easy to come by.

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    yeah i played since beta aswell (when the icon was still a awp crosshair with CS letters, not sure what beta that is) on LANs only and 1.5 on dial-up so i dont really have a clan. im just doing this for fun coz i love the game.

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    Try zPlay . net

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