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Thread: PHP encoders?

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    PHP encoders?

    Which PHP encoders should we get? ioncube, mmcache? both? zend?
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    I just heard about the other day.

    I'm pretty sure zend would be the best though. I could be wrong.

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    Is it secure?
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    IonCube and Zend are the best ones, I think IonCube lets you encode files and charge you for each instead of buying their software.

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    Does Zend have a shell interface?
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    I use ionCube and am more than happy with it. Also the latest version allows you to use the encoded file in ASCII format rather than BINARY so if you are mixing unencoded PHP with encoded PHP you can upload them all in the same format.

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    ioncube_encoder: /bin/bash: bad interpreter: Permission denied
    Can anybody help?
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    I use sourceguardian. It is not bad. Very easy to run encoded scripts.
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