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    How many gamers on a server?

    How many people could play Halflife on a server simultaneously with the following specs? 2.0 Celeron 512 ram and 40GB hard drive bandwidth is no problem. How about with 2.0 p4 and 1 GB ram?

    As far as heavy graphic games, are there some that use more resources than other and in turn will allow fewer simultaneous gamers?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Almost anything that's new will make that celly cry. Don't even try to get BF1942 on it, or she'll burst into flames The p4 will be able todo more, sure, how much? not sure.

    As for HL, you could probably get 32 players on there no problem (for the celly), maybe a little more. The p4 could probably do 40 -48?

    *note* These numbers are based off what i was with non steam servers. I had a 20 slot HL 1.5 (i think it was) server on a athlon 900 w/ 512 ram, and she didn't even feel it.

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    i doubt celeron 2.0 will be able to handle 32 players with steam even without steam i think it mightve been hard

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    20 players on the celeron!

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    Your going to have a hard time running anything off a celly. Even if you did it wouldn't be worth it..

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