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    Does anyone use as their reseller? I'm trying to decide on a reseller and like what they have to offer; but I would like to hear from other people that have used them before and their experience with them.



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    I took up the Mreseller plan 2 and got it up and going almost immediately.

    Although you will hear alot of Lypha here, mostly complains . I have not gotten so much problems with them.

    The only problems I had encountered.

    1. I wanted to have my own nameservers and applied for it, (US$20 setup / US$5 per month). Up till now, no one has gotten back to me.

    2. Same features of Cpanel were not given to me, until I asked for it.

    IMHO, I think Lypha is swamped with work. I think there are just too much ofr their small team to handle.

    So far all support tickets have been answered efficiently.

    I think for their pricing, they are fine. Imagine you can rollover your bandwidth.

    I intend to hang around with them to see how they perform.

    Sometimes even good hosts have to start from scratch, they don't appear from nowhere.

    I hope my information helps.

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    I signed up with them and they never sent me my account info.....i had to send in a ticket 3 days later and finally got it activated. Now i'm trying to cancel my account and they won't respond to my ticket. My friend has the same problem....he's been waiting 3 days for his cancelation request and has heard nothing. I think that they are trying to make us wait passed the 30 money back guarantee period.

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    Things changed

    I am sorry to inform you that my experience with Lypha is going downhill..

    you might wish to read this thread which I will post to later..


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    Post well

    well i eventually got my money back....

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    I am glad to hear that.

    Good Luck!

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    Doesn't sound like Lypha is doing so hot.
    Cory Pippen
    San Diego Direct Web, LLC

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