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    Mailman - closed group of members

    I created with cpanel a mailinglist, but didn't find out how to disallow subscriptions. I want to have a non-public mailinglist for a small group.

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    You'd have to login to the list's administrator panel and change the options from there, not from cPanel.
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    Thanks, I know this, but where?

    * General Options
    * Passwords
    * Language options
    * Membership Management...
    * Non-digest options
    * Digest options

    * Privacy options...
    * Bounce processing
    * [Archiving Options]
    * Mail<->News gateways
    * Auto-responder
    * Content filtering
    * Topics

    * Tend to pending moderator requests
    * Go to the general list information page
    * Edit the public HTML pages
    * Go to list archives

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    Privacy Options >> Subscribing.

    "Advertise this list when people ask what lists are on this machine?"

    Select: "No".

    "What steps are required for subscription?"

    Select: "Require Approval".
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    Thanks, I found this in the meantime too. Could it be, that invitations are impossible in this case or is there something to do else than to enter the email-address?

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