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    RH Linux 9.0 & Dual Xeons

    I have a P4 on Linux 9.0, and Dual Xeons on RE3. The P4 is a lot more stable than the Dual Xeons, but it may be due to the kernel's.

    I'm building 3 new dual 2.8 xeon systems and thinking about installing Red Hat Linux 9.0 on them instead of Enterprise.

    Does anyone else currently run 9.0 with their Dual Xeons?
    Jon Rhoads, [email protected]

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    We run RH9 on our Dual Xeons. We've never had a problem.

    Never tested RE though.

    Aaron Wendel
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    Thanks aaron. That's definently good to know. So you are going to start paying for the updates in May as RHL 9 is discountinueing updates for it?
    Jon Rhoads, [email protected]

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    RH9 and Freebsd 5.2.1 both are rock solid on Dual Xeons.

    With RH9, we do have problem with the 2.6.4 kernels, but we haven't got time to look at it yet.

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    We had HUGE trouble with 7.3 SCSI dual xeons running redhat kernels. Once we started compiling custom kernels, all was well again. We didn't have any issues with RH9, but we still compile custom on those anyway.

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    I see. We are using two 120 SATA drives with our Dual's.
    Jon Rhoads, [email protected]

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