I am a new customer of webspacedepot.net and didn't find out, what I have to do to get spamassassin work, while my local spamassassin works. With cpanel/Mail/Spam Assassin I activated it and I can see (Spam Assassin is currently: enabled, Spam Box is currently: enabled). But I cant find any header entry in my emails, although I set "rewrite_subject 1" and "required_hits 7".

I found only lines from my local system:

X-Spam-Status: No, hits=-1.4 required=5.0

Maybe I was impatient. How long does it take, till a change works?

Should Bayes also work with webspacedepot.net?

Also I found:
exim (exim-4.24-30_cpanel_stmpcontrol_antivirus_rewrite_mailman2)

Is it possible to check for viruses?