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Thread: dns question

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    dns question

    hi. i currently a reseller of two different companies
    one gives me this dns

    With the other one i bought another domain to have this dns:

    Is there any chance to configure one domain only for the dns and make it point to the corresponding server depending of the domain to resolve?

    Thanks a lot

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    Do you want to resolve to the same IP as Your question seems kind of unclear to me, but if that is the case just use the same A record for both ns1 and ns2 hostnames.

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    the thing is:

    i want to give my customers just one domain as name server

    for example

    instead of giving to some of them and

    and to the other ones and

    thanks a lot

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    Then give ns1.mydomain and ns1.thisismydomain the same IP address, and the same with ns2.*.

    A problem can arise when using certain domain registrars that register your nameserver (like networksolutions). Some will allow you to have multiple names for a DNS server, though.

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