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    Keeping Billing Records

    What is the method that you use to keep track of the hours that you spend on timed contracts? We keep a running excel spreadsheet for our design contracts but are looking for a more efficient solution.

    Any ideas?


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    There are several great online solutions to track time spent on projects, etc. I would do a search and see if you can find any, you can host some yourself and others offer it as a hosted solution. These can be really useful for tracking time and project development.
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    Excel is a pretty good solution in itself. Quicken offers a contractor/project management software pack which I do not recall the name of (I was in Staples the other day thumbing around on the Quicken display.) Its a bit costly, but I suspect if you're doing consulting work that has outgrown Excel, that the expense would be quite trivial

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    If its just hosting I would recommend ModernBill or ClientExec. If you are doing a nice size chunck of change and some off site work; I would recommend QuickBooks or Microsoft Money.

    Microsoft Money is nice because most banks are programmed for this software, so you can just download your statements into the system.

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    Quickbooks offers actual time tracking in their invoicing. You can buy the basic version for pretty cheap.

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    If you have outside contractors working for you, or outsource some projects, Time Assistant may be an option. A previous job had us using it to log hours on projects and it seemed to be very flexible. May be worth looking into if you would like an online system. They also offer an intranet version which I believe is free.
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