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    Buying Webhosting Clients / Or Resellers?


    Buying Clients:
    We are looking to purchase web hosting clients. We'll pay 50% of 12 months gross (you charge $10/month, we give you a check for $5/client), with a check each month. Any number of clients is acceptable. We'll also honor most plans that you have already setup for your clients.

    We currently offer hosting on the Windows Platform with HELM. We also offer hosting on the Linux platform using Ensim and cPanel.

    We are also looking to increase our reseller base. If you are unhappy with the company you are with, please check with me and see if we can help each other out. Any reasonable offer will not be refused.

    Our servers are located in Louisville, KY, EV1 in TX, and ServerMatrix in TX. Our site is currently being updated, and prepared for Multiple Server integration. The pricing and plans will be changed, over the next 2 months as we finalize things. We are currently hosting a little over 300 website/domains.

    Please respond via email if you are interested at chuck[at]

    Chuck Hogg

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    Ok, I've received a few email with questions about my offer.

    Here is an example, say you have 10 clients on plan A at $10/mth.

    I will pay you $50/mth for 12 mths, totalling $600.

    I bought some clients from people over the past few years, for them to just turn around and "restart" their hosting company and take them away, after I paid them 5,6,7 hundred bucks.

    Therefore, we're only interested in making payments over 12 mths, or only paying for 4 mths of Gross.


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    Chuck Hogg,

    Hosting environment under HELM is good but improvement of the software is slow. Considers hosts with Cpanel is the best at the moment.

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    Yea we know it's low points, however we're finding users who want to be on both platforms (win32/linux). So instead of sending them elsewhere we offer both. Seeing as cPanel hasn't yet been made available for Windows, we're using Helm.


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