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    Question Some Dedicated Server Questions

    Hello, I have been thinking and looking around all day for information about Dedicated Server hosting companies. I have come across a few that I may be thinking of going with. I would really like to spend about $80/month on a server, I have found a few, and would like your opinions on them... for $80/month I can get an Intel Celeron 2.4 GHZ, 80GB Space, 512MB Ram, and 1,000GB Transfer/month and cPanel. for $70/month I can get an AMD 1700+ with 30GB Space, 256MB Ram, and 100 GB Transfer/month and cPanel.

    My questions are... Should I go with and get many many more features, or should I go with simply because I have seen better reviews about them?

    Also this leads me to my next question...
    I want to use cPanel/WHM no definitely since I am kind of new to this and hoping to learn. (No I am not planning on hosting any customers on these servers as of yet, because I understand I am far too inexperienced to do this) Should I go with Red Hat 9.0, Fedora, or FreeBSD ? cPanel is only on version one on Fedora, which means there could be many bugs not yet worked out, but it is very stable on both Red Hat and FreeBSD, I have seen a lot of good things about FreeBSD, and many large companies use FreeBSD on their servers.

    So which should I go with? ? and Red Hat/FreeBSD ?

    Thanks, and any other helpful information would be appreciated

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    well i have many servers with, and i think they are perfect for me.

    never been with Nocster before so i really cant say any thing about them.

    some wont like even though they never had a server with, well they come from the school of my host is better than your host.

    at the end it is you who will find out.

    about OS am a fan of RH9 but again this is me, for me for some one new RH9 with cpanel will be good.

    and you may visit this site you will find lots of things there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stewart
    So which should I go with? ? and Red Hat/FreeBSD ?
    You're really trying to chose the lesser of two evils here as evidenced by the multiple threads regarding network issues with both companies. Toss a coin for that.

    My own preference is Red Hat as far as the OS is concerned but there are plenty of positives to FreeBSD.

    My suggestion to you is to grab a VPS from a quality provider that has a stable network. It would provide you with Cpanel/WHM and allow you root access. For about the same 80 bucks you want to spend on an unmanaged dedicated server you could get 200 gigs of transfer and 10 gigs of storage with
    ServInt. This would give you a fully managed situation where you can take your time and get your feet wet with the dedicated experience. When you outgrow that you would probably be in a much better position to decide on what provider would work for you based on what you will discover you need with your VPS experience....

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    Hi Stewart,

    Before you decide to sign up with either or Nocster,net, take advantage of your customers rights to ask a set of questions that will help you to evaluate which host you want to sign up with

    I suggest that you write out the 5 most important requirements that you are looking for in a dedicated server. Then ask questions like website uptime, customer list for your references, support questions, featured and charges .

    There are many hosting questions you can ask them.

    If you are concerned about website uptime, ask them to explain how will they manage your servers and network in terms of speed, reliability and bandwidth allocation to avoid downtime. Stewart, shared hosting plans and dedicated servers has different type of hosting management. Ask them clearly

    As to your question, i suggest that you consider Red Hat if you are concerned about interoperability and replication to other sites on other host.

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    Should I go with Red Hat 9.0, Fedora, or FreeBSD ? cPanel is only on version one on Fedora, which means there could be many bugs not yet worked out, but it is very stable on both Red Hat and FreeBSD,
    No, cPanel supports version 1 of Fedora Red Hat. cPanel has the same version for each OS, currently 9.1.0.
    cPanel has tons of bugs regardless of the OS.
    But i would go with Fedora or FreeBSD. Plus, i don't think you should waste your money on a control panel if it's just a test server. You need to learn how to do things manually, especially if you plan to use cPanel later on (you will end up fixing cPanel manually then actally using it.)

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