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    Differences between Analog & Webalizer?

    I've come across a confusing problem when dealing with site stats. I have cPanel and have the option of viewing my stats in Analog or Webalizer, but each gives very different results from the other.

    Here's an example for March, 2004:

    Successful requests for pages: 48,353,993
    Average successful requests for pages per day: 364,020
    Data transferred: 1.177 terabytes

    Successful requests for pages: 791,793
    Average successful requests for pages per day: 25,541
    Data transferred: 23,137,278 KB

    I'm baffled as to how there can be such a huge discrepancy. Am I missing something? Is this a known issue?

    I should point out that - according to WebHost Manager - the site had about 23.3 GB data transfer; much closer to what Webalizer reports, leading me to believe that the problem lies with Analog. But if that's the case, what makes Analog screw up that badly?

    My apologies if this is in the wrong was the best place for my question from what I could see. Thanks for any help with this matter!

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    Bump, in case anyone who might be able to help missed it.

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    I need to compare my webalizer and awstats and see how they compare, never really paid attention between the two I mostly used awstats.

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    one may be using unique ip's the other may just be counting hits
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    It seems to me that analog is not properly configured and it reading the stats more than the stats are being generated, therefore causing faulty data tobe made. I would check the cronjob running the analog stats, and then the logfile rotate settings.

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