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    e-commerce solution

    I'm a Tunisian man seeking for a solution to pay and get payed on internet ,it's not a problem for US and européans peoples to get a visa card but for tunisians we dont have the right to pay in $ or euro or another international currency so if i open a bank account in tunisia maybe i'll get payed from my customers (using some internet solutions like 2CO...) but i can't pay anything on internet using that tunisian accoun ,the law dont permit an outgoing money transaction without taxing more than 70%...
    am seeking if there's a way to open an account on a bank so i can get my visa card or paypal to make transactions on the net...
    thanks for any help

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    if necessary, you might need to consider bartering or maybe even paying via amazon gift certificates...
    just some suggestions...
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    Would it be possible for you to setup a foreign company subsidiary? And handle your financial affairs remotely through that? I wish I had more suggestions for you but I'm not at all familiar with Tunisian law and regulations. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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