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    Thumbs down sucks!

    just have a couple of minutes to share my experience with haven't heard about them? well, neither did I before signed up.
    We've stayed with them for a month and were going to move away - we weren't really satisifed with the services. There were some minor downtimes - well, that happens. But their customer support is just inncredible - it's one man business, a man who is not confident in what's he saying. I asked him a pretty simple question regarding cron and his answer was just completely useless (BTW, Javad speaks bad English and seems not always understand what's being asked )
    So, when the invoice for recurring order has arrived I e-mail back and asked to cancel account after Apr 6 (the expiration date). And guess what? Our account has been canceled the same day (around Apr 3). Javad also sent me an e-mail saying that he's done that. I replied that he read my mail not carefully as it was clearly stated to terminate AFTER Apr 6. Well, I've never heard from him anymore.
    Good thing we didn't have any important data on server because we order it in advance to test first and only then to offer it to our clients. Well, failed the test.
    Conclusion: I consider myself to be absolutely guilty in this situation because I choosed wrong hosting that nobody've ever heard about.

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    Well, I think you summed it up in your post. While I am certainly sorry to hear of your situation, it just goes to show you what a little research can do. I noticed that English is probably not the first language of whoever did the website. Although business is open to everyone, one should definitely have a firm grasp and a good ability to communicate with their clients, otherwise bad things will happen.

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    Just there was 24 hours down time and now it restarted . Well, I'm done with it.

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    Site seems down right now, I will have to check it out later it seems...
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    Thumbs down karoon really really socks 3 days offline

    i had accountg in karoon i have 3 dyas since sunday 9 and dont wrok my clients go away i lost so much money and what javad said? (one people of karoon) "our apologies" THATS ALL? really socks i have 5 months and no problem but this is so bad...

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    Why did you join them in the first place???

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    Basically it all comes down to good equipments, good customerservice and proficiency with technology....

    Hope good luck for the future and a little research goes a long way...

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    Yes they are a bad company...i've seent them before and wasn't very impressed!


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    * i dont know

    i dont kno i just serach in the web and take karoon because i think the rate was acceptable and ...i think serious...but i am very happy the last 5.5 months.....i dont know i think karoon is reseller of reseller.....i mean subreseller....

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