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    Question Can anyone tell me about VPS?

    Its been ticking me for a while...

    How does Virtual private server work?

    Im wanting to go into a dedicated server with cpanel for personal use to learn and thinking of either a dedicated server or a vps. I want to be a linux admin one day & find linux quite a fun challenge.

    Dedicated seems to be quite a bit expensive starting from $70 month with no cpanel... I dont even need the bandwidth really, be happy with 20gigs.

    Can anyone tell me what you cant do on a VPS as you can on a dedicated server?

    And please dont message me about your offers.

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    The big advantage of VPS is that you have some sort of shell access, normally jailed but that - and the extra bandwidth/space and resell ability is what distinguishes VPS from Shared hosting. A dedicated server is all your own to do whatever you want with, you can have non jailed SSH for you and your clients and much more bandwidth/space!

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    If you do a search here on WHT, you'll find many threads on this subject.

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    VPS is the same with a dedicated server. Get root access, you can change all the settings, install your software... If you are starting to learn, I suggest you order a VPS, not a dedicated server. It's cheaper, but you can learn so many things there

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