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    Hosting Template For Sale

    Hi I am selling a hosting template

    Preview Here

    Bidding Starts at $40
    Icrements of $5 please
    Buy out price is $100
    Paypal payment only.

    You Recieve:
    Exclusive Rights
    Vector Frame

    Please post you bids here or email me if you want to buy out.


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    very nice template, good luck!
    John Heslop

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    I posted wrong I will take $60 and its gone

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    good luck with your sale. The color scheme is wonderful!!!

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    Are you the same person who is selling it on ?

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    Yes I am but Jasonl is taken on there so i had to use my other nick name (Jaz)

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    Funny... a user by the name of shaq_sucks is you i take it?
    Here is his entry into a contest over at

    and here is the thread bout it.

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    Someone bought the template from shaq_sucks and i bought it from them, now i am reselling it for a lot less than it is worth

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    So it don't really have Exclusive Rights?
    John Heslop

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    Yes it does i it has been bought everytime with exclusive rights so now i own the exclusive rights and if you buy it from me you then have the rights.

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    Very Nice

    Nice Design!

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