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    OnlineNIC no longer exists? - their website is there, no emails, no ims, no answer on the phone. Domains are in registrar hold regardless of how long they have been registered. Anyone have any success contacting them and getting your domain back?

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    I just have chat with them 3 days ago.
    They are not online because of Easter hoilday (may be).

    Even if they are gone, someone will take over it (eventually).

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    domains are in registrar hold?

    ALL domains ? i don't think so, just whoised couple of domains and they are ACTIVE or REGISTRAR-LOCK , ubt not REGISTRAR-HOLD
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    maybe i can help some . i'm have stay in china just now.

    my domain get from in

    they service than onlinenic better in china .

    and support dynamic dns.

    i buy domain form them,so domain cheap price. but i like use freedom service better now.

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    It seems like their support is pretty bad lately. Transfer to another registrar
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