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    cpanel and horde

    Am facing a problem using Horde for webmail on Cpanel. Help would be appreciated.

    When users access there is a dialog box for username and password that takes the user to Horde login interface.

    Firstly the user has to enter the password twice.

    Secondly, most users type just "username" instead of "[email protected]" at the Webmail realm dialog box prompt. This results in a large number of failed attempts and support requests.

    1. Is it possible to take a user to the Horde login page without first having to enter password in the Webmail realm dialog box?

    2. If not, how to change the Webmail dialog box prompt to "Please enter [email protected] and your password"?

    3. If neither of above, is it possible that "" is displayed in the dialog box username field so that people can just key in their username.

    Thanks for your guidance and suggestions.
    [email protected]

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    I'm fairly sure you can go directly to the second page.

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    There should be some way to do that....
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    I've reaised similar question to my previous host and to a few of the IT people and apprently its not possible because the 1st login is for accessing your 'network' and the 2nd is loging into horde, so I've been told.

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    Originally posted by johonbravo
    There should be some way to do that....
    Very Helpfull.

    You can install HordeMail on a seperate directory or port. Download their software from , this way users dont have to go through the cPanel login, then access HordeMail.

    You can also customize it that way, instead of 'username' put Enter Complete E-mail address.

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    Issues 2 and 3 in my original post have been solved. I have been doing some RnD on this issue and wanted to share my results with you. Webhostingtalk and Cpanel forums have been quite useful.

    It is possible to accomplish the logins using scripts.
    For example, you may find these scripts useful.

    Using similar script, I have been able to do away with the Cpanel popup dialog box. Can now take a user who enters only "username" on a login page and not "[email protected]" to the Cpanel page that shows a choice of Webmails.

    However, I am still looking for a script that allows a user to enter only "username" in a login page and go directly into "HORDE INBOX".

    Any pointer as to where I can locate such a script or read about the same would be appreciated.

    BTW, thanks for your posts.
    [email protected]

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    You can change the 'username' text to 'Enter Full E-mail' or write a code that will place the entered username before and then submits the form.

    Page to look at is /horde/index.php

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    Originally posted by johonbravo
    There should be some way to do that....
    there is:

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